In 1980 Madame Tussuads in London launched their own Dr Who Exhibition which opened its doors just as Dr Who's 18th season began transmission.

This had been the first London based exhibition for some years and the majority of the displays were influenced by Tom Baker's final season.The exhibition gained enormous press interest for the fact that this was the only occasion when there was two of the same character in the waxworks. The first was the fourth Doctor resplendant in his new burgandy costume and the second the Meglos 'Cacti' version of the Doctor! Joining him on display were credible renditions of Romana accompanied by K-9. Other characters from the programme including the ever popular Daleks, Davros and a Marshman. A set which featured a Sontaran in a spaceship control room, and tableaus featured a Foamasi, and Nimon!

The exhibition was titled 'The Doctor Who Experience' and was extended beyond its original closing of March 1981 due to its interest and popularity!

The waxen looking 4th Doctor!
The Foamsi is made ready to go on display!
Photo from the Tussuads brochure
The Doctor and Meglos lose their heads
The tardis has arrived
Meglos with the Dodecahedron
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