The DOCTOR WHO EXHIBITION AT THE CENTRE FOR LIFE NEWCASTLE was open from May 22nd until October 31st 2010. Featuring props, monsters and costumes for the latest series of Doctor Who. Visitors could see genuine items from the programme plus a huge number of monsters, including the Cybermen, Sontaran, Ood, Judoon, Autons and the infamous Daleks. Also on display was the Timelord Table from The End Of Time plus a reproduction of a Dr Who Design Office. You also had chance to sneak a peek behind the scenes at how the monsters are made and see, of course, the TARDIS in its crashed state from The Eleventh Hour. This exhibition is also showcased many of the items from the new series starring Matt Smith, after they had been seen on screen. These included the Ironside Dalek, Weeping Angels, Silurians and various costumes from the latest series.
The Doctor is in!
Costumes from AMY'S CHOICE
7,8,9, 10 - coming ready or not
The Earth is Hungry apparently
The frocks of Venice
A silurian yesterday
Cybermen - yay Voyage Of The Damned and with bad style
Smile please...Im not wearing my right outfit Tea anyone ? Or a Jammy Dodger?
You can see he has brains Chap with wings, five round rapid
Fringe animation at its best Next on the karaoke...Davros!
Suits him don't you think ? Gokkle of geer...
How Ood Ood secrets revealed
A dogs life Off he went with a trumpety trump..
Exhibitions for Dummies I bring you the gift of.....ohhhh
One of Q's gadgets for Bond ?
Anyone got any fly spray ?
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