The Dr Who Exhibition at MOMI on London's South Bank opened its doors back in 1991 and would last for four years. Following the closure of Space Adventure on Tooley Street, the Museum Of Moving Image was chosen to be host of yet another London based Exhibition.

This project then became one of the biggest Dr Who Exhibitions to be staged up to that point which included a recreation of a 1960's sitting room with an old fashioned tv playing out the first episode. The Exhibition itself was titled 'Behind The Sofa' and celebrated all aspects of the series. The launch was attended by three former Dr Who Companions which were Carole Anne Ford, Bonnie Langford and Sophie Aldred who cut a Dalek shaped cake !

The Good Companions launch the MOMI Exhibition

The impressive collection of monsters, props and costumes made this one of the most enjoyable exhibitions which had been produced. The Cybermen and Dalek display areas were given impressive backdrops to enhance these displays. A whole collection of monsters were lined up against the main wall in the Exhibition to provide a great rogues gallery.These included a Krarg which hadn't even been seen on television having been made for the unfinished story 'Shada'. It was therefore apt that the Exhibition became the location used by Tom Baker for his linking narration to the 'Shada' video release.A few souvenir items were produced for the Exhibition which included various bright T-Shirt designs, badges and Mugs !

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