In March 2007, the Museum Of Science & Industry launched the biggest Dr Who UpClose Exhibition in Manchester. Exhibits included the huge Empress Of Racnoss spider along with an impressive display of the Cybercontroller on his throne. Initially the displays included various items from other exhibitions such as robot from Bad Wolf and the extrapolator board along with Radio Control Dalek area. Other items which remained in place for the Exhibition duration included Queen Victorias dress & telepscope, Cat Nun, Cyberman, Face Of Boe, male Clockwork Droid, Cyberman, Dalek, Slitheen, K-9 and Santa. The Ood were also on display but were removed for filming during the Exhibition run and returned towards the latter part of December. In November 2007 a bluescreen canopy was added to the entrance of the exhibition were visitors could see themselves inside the TARDIS! The Exhibition was also supplemented with items from Dr Who Series 3 during its run with such displays as the Lazarus machine, one of the Witches, Pig slave, showgirl, Weeping Angel and items from the episode 42. The final additions during its last week of display in January 2008 included Kylies waitress costume and a Host from the 2007 Christmas special VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED. The Exhibition was initially planned to close in November but due to popularity this was extended to January 6th 2008.
Its The Cyber Controller
Affirmative Master
Boe selectaDonna's Wedding DressThe Empress Of Racnoss
Judoon in the roomThe lazarus machineood have thought it in Manchester
Are you sitting comfortablyDon't BlinkSuited and booted from 42
Victorias secret
Reunited with the Racnoss - Don Gilet at Hyde Fundraisers charity evening
Hell's AngelKylies waitingDelete
Your Host
He's a swine
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