Dr Who Exhibitions website
Hyde Fundraisers - putting the 'FUN' into Fundraising since 1985. Find out about us and our events!
Cult Tv organise one of the biggest events each year celebrating many popular tv shows. Check on their site for this years event !
Cult Tv website
The UK Garrison is officially recognised by Lucasfilm. The group have supported various events for Hyde Fundraisers.
UK Garrison Website
Big Finish need no introduction having gained a reputation for producing high quality drama featuring Dr Who, Tomorrow People etc!
Big Finish website
Seven Zero is fan website with some great images of events which we have attended. There's also some great artwork !
Seven Zero website
Our friends at Vortex, Paul, Les & Karon have held many successful events which we have been delighted to support. Check out their site !
Vortex Events
The Shopatashton website features information about Ashton-under-Lyne. The town plays host to the Sci-Fi event which takes place in the Summer!
Shopatashton website
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