Tom Baker with the Lady Mayoress in 1975

Firstly let me apologise to you all !

This site came about as a pure indulgence on my part and the great influence of nostalgia. I was one of those many kids that visited the Exhibitions in the 1970's and 80's, suspending disbelief at being able to see some of The Doctor's foes close at hand but safely confined. Wandering through dark corridors that contained some of the most fearsome creatures was a pretty brave thing to do in 1975 - even though I was 10 years old !It is my fondness for Blackpool and Longleat which prompted the creation of this site so that many others can share the fun and memories of their own visits all those years ago. I always looked forward to seeing the updated displays and see close at hand the monsters which had made their most recent television debut.

Some of my earliest memories recall Robot K1 with a voice soundtrack booming at visitors as you entered the Console Room in Blackpool. In compiling the site I have tracked down as many images and as much information as possible but please bear with me, I am not infallible. If you can provide any information or images to enhance the site I'd love to hear from you. To those who have already provided help, assistance, images, text and encouragement - thank you to you all. We are already thankful to the Dr Who Experience in Llangollen for their support and others who have helped to get the site up and running, including Garry Cullen and Stuart Glazebrook! I am also delighted that the site has been made possible by our group HYDE FUNDRAISERS since a great many of us met up at the Blackpool Dr Who Exhibition in the 1980's.
Some of the Exhibition Mugs & Badges
Outside the Blackpool Exhibition in 1977

When the Exhibition closed down in 1985 a few us remained friends and this prompted the creation of the group. Thanks also to those who managed, designed, adminstered and hosted these many Exhibitions over the years such as Terry Sampson, Julie Jones and especially Lorne Martin.We must also give a very special mention to the late Irene Perry who became a symbol for the Longleat Dr Who Exhibition for many fans in the 1980's and early 90's.

Many people also made friends by meeting at the Longleat Exhibition which also became a regular pilgrimage for many fans across the United Kingdom. The long trip was a great day out for many fans.

2003 was a particularly sad year for fans with the closure of both the Longleat and Llangollen Dr Who Exhibitions. However, the end has been prepared for and Lorne and his team at Experience Design & Management has brought us a new Exhibition in Blackpool for 2004 as we start yet another chapter for the attraction. Another new chapter for Exhibition's occured in 2005 with the Brighton Pier hosting a brand new Exhibition featuring props and costumes from the new Dr Who series. After its closure in October many items were transferred to the National Space Centre in Leicester and also Cardiff. So there is certainly life in the Dr Who Exhibition's franchise and long may the opportunity continue for fans to reach out and almost touch what has appeared on screen. We have been delighted to have been associated with events at the various Exhibitions and our thanks to Longleat's staff including Tim Moore, Dallas Slade, Mark Jacobs and Tim Bentley, David Boyle, to George, Susan, Chris and all at Dapol, to Ray Dale, Barbara, Jodie, Ritz Catering Co and the rest of the Blackpool Exhibition team.


Step into the TARDIS and be part of the adventure… Doctor Who Experience – starring you as the Doctor’s companion. BBC Worldwide invite you on a journey of a lifetime. Step inside the TARDIS this spring to take a starring role in your very own Doctor Who adventure at the Doctor Who Experience. Opening in London on Sunday 20th February 2011 at London’s Olympia Two venue, the Doctor Who Experience proved to be an unmissable adventure featuring an exhilarating and unique walk-through experience and an awe-inspiring exhibition.Visitors will be invited to step through a crack in time to become the Doctor’s companion on an adventure. Their challenge will be to reunite the Doctor with the TARDIS whilst fending off threats from a Dalek spaceship and Weeping Angels along the way, before exploring the wonders of Doctor Who at an out of this world exhibition. The Doctor Who Experience allows visitors to join the Doctor on a journey through time and space, encountering some of the best-loved and scariest monsters from the hit international television series. Special scenes filmed with current Doctor Matt Smith combine with amazing special effects and the chance to enter a recreation of the modern TARDIS interior topped off by a breathtaking 3-D finale. The walk through experience is a fully contained interactive Doctor Who adventure, which puts the public at the heart of the action. The exhibition element of the Doctor Who Experience will chart the success of the show from the first series in 1963 to the most recent episodes starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Displays will include items never seen before including original costumes, the Tom Baker TARDIS police box and two authentic TARDIS sets from the eras of David Tennant and Peter Davison. The public will also be able to get up close and personal with iconic sets from recent series, including the Pandorica Box and Chair and confront numerous monsters including several generations of the Daleks and Cybermen as well as Silurians an Ice Warrior and a Zygon. Now located in Cardiff the Doctor Who Experience showcases even more props and costumes from the series including the Doctor's car - Bessie.



Thanks for your kind comments about the Exhibitions website, here is just a couple of them......

"Hey. Just been reading your excelent site and browsing your pictures, and I was wondering if you missed an exhibition out.When I was young (1993/1994 ish) I visted the Needles attraction on the Isle of White. And lo and behold there was a Dr Who museum there." Christopher P.

"The Exhibition web site is excellent. What would be a nice idea would be to detail all of the exhibits that were on display at Blackpool and Longleat in 1974, 1975 onwards to provide a complete record. I pretty know what was displayed at both sites from 1980 onwards but my knowledge of the 1970s ones is very sketchy." Nick Betts.

"Thank you for sharing with the world the history of Dr Who Exhibitions. My family went to Blackpool in 1976....also, like one of your readers, in a Ford Anglia. I clearly remember watching Episode 1 of the Hand of Fear in a B & B somewhere on the day we went to the Who exhibition. Must have been late October since we saw the illuminations as well. Memories are pretty vague of the exhibition I'm sorry to say so I can't add anything that hasn't already been said."Paul James

"I actually lived in the flats next to the Blackpool Exhibition through the mid to late 1970's and remember various full size alien costume clad folk enticing the public into the Exhibition." Wayne Law.

"There was a permanent Doctor Who exhibition at the Needles Pleasure Park on the Isle of Wight in 1991-1992 approx. I am sure I have some photos of it. Again you entered through a police box frontage, and I remember the exhibition being larger than Longleat's. By the way, excellent website. It bought back many memories for me, most memorable of all being the much-missed Blackpool exhibition. The entrance and steps are still there. In the early 1990s, I visited the Laurel & Hardy exhibition, which had taken over from the Doctor Who exhibition. Lo and behold, down the stairs, in the L&H exhibition, was still the TARDIS console room (minus console itself) with Laurel and Hardy memorabilia all over it! Keep up the good work!" Nick Laister

"Hi there, I recently stumbled across your website(s) and was extremely impressed - and delighted! I've been a huge fan of Dr Who for many years and have always been especially enchanted by my visits to exhibitions. There's something about the gloom and flashing lights, the theme music, and of course encountering (at such close quarters) those monsters! I don't know much about the Hyde Fundraisers, what they do, how often or where but from the information gleaned from your website(s) - you do it very well and bring a lot of joy to a lot of people." Ronnie Brunwin.

"What a fantastic site - so much nostalgia crammed into one place! I never got to visit the Blackpool exhibition, so this has provided a tantalising (and jelousy inducing!!) virtual trip instead. I may never forgive my parents for refusing to drive me from Berkshire to Blackpool!!! They did, however, take me to Longleat on numerous occasions - in fact I've been every year bar 1 since I was 4. My god, I just realised, that's 23 years..... I always try to make it along for the annual event in august, and anticipate this years eagerly!" Andy Futter.

"Your web site is brilliant! I enjoyed visiting it very much. I will send a note to my contributors about your lovely site and invite their participation. I did add your URL to my links page. http://www.richardwho.com/links.asp " Richard Briggs.

"I've had a look at the website regarding the exhibitions and it's quite amazing the amount of stuff you already have. I'm afraid that I don't keep any visual material at all which would help." Andrew Pixley.

"What a great site you have. Keep up the good work. It's great looking back on the Blackpool Dr Who Exhibition. I actually went there on my 10th birthday back on October 27th 1985. It must have been one of the last days the exhibition was open. I remember seeing the video of Peter Davision's regeneration into Colin Baker over and over again on the tv screens inside. Fantastic stuff. The place was great for Doctor Who fans! So sorry to hear the exhibition is no more." Chris Moore. Wolverhampton.


Hi there, Would just like to commend you on an excellent site. I have had a thorough look at all the pics and it has made for a wondrous journey back to my childhood in the seventies and eighties.....indeed, the reason I have spent a considerable part of this evening doing this is to complete a nostalgia trip that started yesterday when I travelled up to Blackpool with my Father for the first time in twenty years (He used to take me as a child on an annual pilgrimage from the mid seventies onwards!!!) He was amazed at how quick we got there from Liverpool with me doing the driving as opposed to the two hour crawl we used to endure in his old Ford Anglia in 1975!!! Anyhow, I spent the best part of an hour looking round the new exhibition. I have to say I was very impressed as I was under the impression it was just Llangollen re-housed, which considering I had visited that for the final time last December, I was not particularly anticipating anything radically different in this new one. I was more than pleasantly suprised however, to see the overall scale of the exhibition and from briefly chatting to exhibition host David Boyle, he was indeed keen to stress that the Llangollen set-up was not a patch on the new one! The main highlights were seeing the little console ex-Longleat (I wonder what happened to the larger Blackpool one? David Boyle said some of the exhibits were from the original Blackpool exhibition but obviously the console was not one of them) and what really made the hairs on my neck stand up was going into the Dalek area and hearing the Daleks belt out the same monologue they used to in the 70's/80's Blackpool exhibition concerning the "Identification of the Doctor!!" Pity they couldn't get them to still trundle about on those rails that they used to! Not to worry....... One of my big childhood regrets was that the only year I did not attend the Blackpool exhibition was it's final one, and for reasons I am not clear about some 19 years later I was not aware that the exhibition was shutting in 1985. If it was stated anywhere I did not see it at the time, obviously there was no internet back then and lines of communication with all "Who" matters for me stopped with the Doctor Who magazine, which did not appear to have the news of the closure at the time. Anyhow, back in May 1986 we set off from Liverpool for the first time in two years to see the exhibition once again and after a 2 year gap I was eagerly anticipating revisiting it..........I can't begin to tell you my feelings of disappointment when we turned the corner of the road that the exhibition was on only to find that it had gone. In all those years since on a good few visits to Blackpool I could never bring myself to go too near the old site of it and see what they had turned the place into........however, yesterday, seeing as it was the beginning of a "new era" in many respects, after visiting the new exhibition, we decided to go for the complete nostalgia trip! Walking 100 yards and going round the corner to the site of the old exhibition, we entered the "old" Tardis!! I had been aware it had become a shoe shop and on the vague premise that my dad needed some new shoes we walked down the old stairs into the shop.......it was then that one of main childhood memories came flooding back which was when visiting the exhibition for the very first time as a 5 year old, as we walked down the same stairs......there was the terrifying site of a Tyrannosaur staring back at us and growling as its head poked through a mock broken brick wall in the first exhibit case!!! The memory is still very strong, believe me! Sadly as you might expect and know there does not appear to be any other trace that the exhibition was ever there now and I even wish I had entered the Laurel and Hardy exhibition in the early 90's, as according to someone's account on your site, still had the remnants of the console room! What did strike me though yesterday, was that the original exhibition was basically crammed very efficiently into one not particularly big area of cellar space! Anyhow, we didn't find any suitable shoes either, so that was that! It was still interesting to see though and not as depressing as it might have been if the new one had not been open and without the prospect of a new series next year as well! All I can say is, here's to at least another 11 years of the "World Of Doctor Who" and another 26 years maybe of the new series perhaps!!? Anyhow, excuse my long ramble, but I thought I would share my experiences with you and let you know of the re-ignition of childhood excitement that occurred in this 35 year old's trip to Blackpool one July day in 2004! Keep up the good work with the site anyhow, if i can dig out any decent pics I may have somewhere taken back in the 70's and 80's at Blackpool (and I'm sure there are a few somewhere) I'll pass copies on. Best Regards, Mike P.

On behalf of all of us at Hyde Fundraisers we dedicate our coverage of Longleat to Irene !Well, thats about it. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy and appreciate the many Exhibitions featured on this site. Don't Forget - I need your help to make it even better so please make this site your own.

All images on this site are copyright Hyde Fundraisers/Kevin Taylor unless otherwise specified. They are not be be published or used for any other purpose without consent of the copyright holder. No attempt is made to supercede any copyrights held.

"Did you enjoy the Exhibition ? Then come again soon !!"


Irene Perry on her final working day at Longleat
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