In 1984 The International Garden Festival of Liverpool took place down near Otterspool Prom in Liverpool. It contained many Types of Gardens, and replicas of a HUGE yellow Submarine of Beatles Fame, and the BluePeter Boat. The gardens were mostly sponsored by various companies and trade exhibitions. The BBC had a Big tent like venue, (Smaller than the recent Dome at Brighton Pier). Inside they had various things to do and interact with, including the Infamous BBC computers that you could play games on! Cue lots of "Aventure Game" type problem solving etc etc. They also had a small exhibition of various TV shows and props inside the Tent. But Outside the Tent exposed to the weathers were two full size Dalek Props, a TARDIS and a K9. One Dalek was exposed with Battle damage on the side and K9 stood in front of the TARDIS. I remember searching all day to find the blooming BBC Garden tent thing, and as I came down the hill and saw the TARDIS my 9 year old heart jumped ith Joy and I grabbed me Mum's camera to take a couple of snaps! I conjured up all sorts of stories just looking at the props involving what had gone on, and had to be dragged away in the end, aww Bless.
Images & text supplied by Kevin McEwen
The TARDIS arrives
A damaged Dalek on display
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