The Experience opened at London's Olympia Two in February 2011 and will be relocating to Cardiff in Spring 2012. The Doctor Who Experience is an unmissable adventure featuring an exhilarating and unique walk-through experience and an awe-inspiring exhibition. The Doctor Who Experience invites you to step through a crack in time allowing you to join the Doctor on a journey through time and space, encountering some of the best-loved and scariest monsters from the hit international television series. Special scenes filmed with Matt Smith as the Doctor combine with amazing special effects and the chance to enter a recreation of the modern TARDIS.

The exhibition element of the Doctor Who Experience charts the success of the TV show from the first series in 1963 to the most recent episodes starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Displays in the exhibition include items never seen before including original costumes, the Tom Baker TARDIS police box and two authentic TARDIS sets from the eras of David Tennant and Peter Davison. You will also be able to get up close and personal with iconic sets from recent series, including the Pandorica Box and Chair and confront numerous monsters including several generations of the Daleks and Cybermen as well as Silurians, an Ice Warrior and a Zygon.

The Earls Court Experience closed in February 2012 to be relocated to a new, purpose built complex close to the BBC Studios in Cardiff. This new Doctor Who Experience opened in July 2012 with many new additions, including the Doctor's vintage roadster, Bessie!


She's the Queen mate!
Daleks go green for Victory!
What the best dressed vampires are wearing Guess Who!
Splendid fellows, all of them
Come aboard
He doesn't want to go...apparently
How consoling Timelords gentleman please
Its bigger on the inside A well known blue box
Davros was now in his fourth regeneration Now available from Character Options too!
Auditions for Mr Potato Head were going well for Toy Story 4 Oh my giddy aunt, monsters!

Interviews were going well for Rory's replacment

Do not fear..its K1 Ood secrets revealed
New presenters on THE ONE SHOW meet up
Tickets pleaseOh...take your credit card :)
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