In the 1960's the programme was enjoying great success following the impact of the Daleks. To capitalise on this the Daily Mail newspaper approached the BBC and suggested the programme be representated at their annual 'Boys & Girls' Exhibition at Olympia.

This resulted in the first public appearance of The Daleks at their 1964/65 show which opened in December 1964.Visitors were ferried through the Exhibition on a converted factory transporter that followed an invisible track round the site. The BBC loaned two of the Dalek props which had a pre-recorded soundtrack to terrify the unwary as they passed by! Carole Anne Ford made a publicity appearance at the show which generated press coverage.

The public reaction to The Daleks appearance was so positive that once again Dr Who was featured in the 1967/68 exhibition but this time on a much grander scale. Apart from Daleks the displays boasted a whole array of creatures from the programme in their own sets. These included the Yeti, Cybermen, Ice Warrior, group of Rills, Mire Beast and a Fungoid! Also on display were the 3 winning entries from the Blue Peter 'Design A Monster' competition which had been made up by the Visual Effects department. Many thanks to Derek Handley for the images on this page.

"What do you have to do to get noticed round here?" A Dalek isnt as exciting as Einstiens theory of relativity according to these children!
"The Houses of Parliament are that way"
'Im sure this isn't Goodge St' parents and children enter the world of Dr Who
'All aboard'  The Dalek supreme oversees the visitors
"As you can see these mobile hatstands are a thing of the future"
"Two words, First it a film" asks the Dalek
A yeti awaits !
"It was this big - honest"
Its The Lynx Effect!
Philip Thomas from London gets to meet the real stars of Dr Who
'The Hypnotron and its creator meet The Doctor on Blue Peter
Yeti in the cave set!
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