The first Exhibition featuring exhibits from the NEW Dr Who series appeared at Brighton Pier, Brighton - May 2005 to November 2005. The Exhibition closed in November 2005 after a highly successful six month stay at the Pier attracting an incredible amount of visitors. The exhibition featured a vast range of the real props, costumes and of course monsters that appeared in the programme. The exhibition started with a quick catch up on the series from its very beginnings back in 1963 and had a classic Monster from each of the four decades, including the only known Ice Warrior. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper's costumes were set in a TARDIS that faded away as it turned and there were real TARDIS interior sections to show at first hand the new design. The Slitheen was there too, amongst many others creatures, and all visitors could see the giant model of Big Ben that the space craft hit together with its occupant, the Space Pig.
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Enter The World Of Dr Who
The Big Ben Model
Promotional poster
Daleks visit the Exhibition
A dalek checks out the latest model
A family shot at the Exhibition!!!
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