The second Doctor Who Exhibition to come to Spaceport opened in May 2008. This time the focus of the exhibition was very much to showcase the creative aspects that go into making Dr Who. This was achieved by including a reproduction of a 'Production' office with drawings and models as well as costume designs and the creative stages of making the Ood. In addition to these areas there were also the traditional displays of characters and props such as The Chameleon Arc, Judoon Gun, the Timey Wimey detector and Master's Laser screwdriver. The exhibition also included a Sycorax Warrior on display, an old and new Sontaran, Scarecrow and a Hath. There was of course the usual Dalek and Cyberman present! The Exhibition runs until January 2009.
Welcome ToSpaceport
Model of the TARDIS set
A Production office
What a lovely hat
Suits him!A toy Sontaran or is it real ?It's a Judoon you know
Somethings coming.....oh its just a SycoraxThis is the last strawThe Hath enjoy a drink
Timey Wimey..of course
The Family Jewels
Take that look off your faceDesigns on a Clockwork DroidWho let the dog out ?
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