With the USA Touring Exhibition having completed its run stateside the trailer was returned to the UK in 1988. The Exhibits were removed and most found their way into a new attraction in London. The Space Adventure simulated a shuttle ride, complete with boarding passes!

The actual 'Dr Who' displays were presented on departure from the simulator where various items had been displayed prior to entering a poorly lit exhibition room which featured the half console, KandyMan, Special Weapons Dalek, Nemesis Cyberman and Sontaran. Many were interactive and would move or light up at the touch of a button. Other characters were added the following year and included Sea Devil and Silurian, Plasmaton, and Tractator. Not one of the most successful exhibitions but its premature end followed problems with the 'Space Adventure' management that resulted in the attraction on Tooley Street closing down.

The photos on this page have been supplied by Derek Handley.

Awwww his wife was expecting a Jelly baby !
Do ya feel lucky, punk ?
The Cybermen torches were a little cumbersome
Dear Jim, Please can you fix it for me to meet gareth Jenkins.  Yours Stike
The Silurians always suffered red eye in photos!
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