The Doctor Who Exhibition, Earls Court, London was opened to the public at Easter 2008 by fourth Doctor Who actor Tom Baker. It is situated in the Museum Hall, beneath the Exhibition Centre. This exhibition is the largest ever Doctor Who display in the UK and visitors are able to get up close to props, costumes, monsters and creatures from all the latest episodes of the hit BBC TV show, including the Christmas special and eagerly-awaited fourth series. On display is the famous TARDIS, K9, Daleks, Cybermen, many of the Doctor's other enemies and much more including special Behind The Scenes Exhibits. Items on display include Sycorax Leader, Cat Nuns, Empress Of Racnoss, Hath, Sontaran and Bannakaffalatta. You'll also find the skelton inhabited spacesuit from Silence In The Library and one of the Titanic Hosts! There is a special Cyberman Zone which includes interactive dialogue and one of the most popular areas is The Dalek Encounter. At the end of September 2008 the new Davros joined the Dalek's on display! The exhibition was extended by popular demand to November 9th, a further 2 months beyond its original planned closure.
Welcome To Earls Court
Wilson has the lottery money here somewhere
New Earth..how lovely
A makeover Sir ? madam ?Getting into bad HabitsSisters are doing it for themselves!
He's the Leader of the GangUncle Albert realised the disguise wouldn't fool DelboyIts easy to get absorbed in your work
Ood secrets revealed
Here's looking at you kid
He's not the Doctor you knowMasterly fashion from UTOPIAWho turned out the lights ?
Beam us up controller! Max Capricorn has lost his head!
Welcome to my new exhibition
Dalek Sec was pleased with  the party decor for Davros
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