From 13th March 2009, Coventry Transport Museum is one of the few places in England where you can see the UpClose exhibition and come face to face with some of Doctor Who's mightiest foes... Visitors will be able to get up close to many of the actual props, costumes and of course, monsters from the hit BBC TV show. There's the chance to discover some fascinating insights into how the programme is made and you will also be able to see the famous TARDIS and meet K9. Exhibits include the fantastic Empress Of Racnoss, Robot Santa, Slitheen, Sycorax and creator of The Daleks - Davros! There will be new attractions added to the exhibition but for now get yourself along and check out this exhibition in the Midlands. Below are a couple of teaser images to whet your appetite!
The TARDIS is sent to Coventry
Enter her web!
Witch way to the exhibition ?
Make no bones about it !
Exhibition in Coventry...AFFIRMATIVEThe dancing pig wasn't as popular as the showgirls!
Time gentlemen please..Someone forgot to change the litter tray again
I am Davros!  Nuff saidSmall but perfectly formed
Its the Fat ControllerThis place needs a tidy!
ood ave thought it!Roboform lets the mask slip
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