The Doctor Who Exhibition based at Cardiff's Red Dragon centre is still one of the most popular attractions since the new series blasted on tv screens in 2005. Since opening in the heart of Cardiff Bay in December 2005, Doctor Who Up Close Cardiff continues to attract Doctor Who fans, young and old, who dare to meet creatures such as the Cybermen and the strange looking Ood. Visitors can also meet K9, encounter the famous Daleks and see costumes worn by the Time Lord and his assistant – plus a range of props from throughout the series. Cardiff is also the main location for the filming of Doctor Who, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures, and as such, Doctor Who Up Close Cardiff sits right in the home of Doctor Who.The Cardiff Exhibition has now re-opened following a complete refurbishment in October 2008. Now on display, exhibits from the Christmas Day Episode titled ‘The Next Doctor’, including a Cybershade monster and David Morrissey’s costume. Also now on display, from the Chirstmas episode, the calculating villian Miss Hartigan! Doctor Who Up Close Cardiff – the phenomenally popular exhibition showcasing Doctor Who props, costumes and monsters at the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay – was recently named the number one attraction in Cardiff. Come face to face with the newest Doctor Who creatures and companions, featuring to name a few, the Sibylline Sisters, Cyberman,Clockwork man, Sontaran, the Hath and of course...beware ALL NEW DALEK ENCOUNTER! Not to forget costumes displayed for the Doctors trusted team: Martha Jones, Captain Jack and Donna Noble...with many more inside. See the actual costumes worn by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman. Latest items from series 5 include The Doctor & Amy's costumes, Ironside, Smiler mask and Churchill's costume! Catch up with the TARDIS And be warned, there are DALEKS too! If you've seen it on TV, you may well find it lurking here!
Come inside if you dare
The Sisters are doing it for themselves
Nice frocks Here's a spin off waiting to happen!!
Who turned out the lights ? Whats the word..oh yes..EXTERMINATE!
Nice coat! It's the END OF THE WORLD you know
A genuine beetle jacket Mercy me, a red dress
Schools out for Scarecrows
Monk-eying around
Telling porky's!
It's time for the droids
Sec's in the cityNo Diana Ross but here's a Supreme!
The good companions...costumesDelete....Deleted
Making an Exhibition of itselfShop til you drop
Who's costumes ?Sonta Ha ha ha
Sycorax Leader said there was no arm in tryingThere must be an Angel...
Whats in the cage ?Black for good
There must be an Angel...Mr Lumic appears to have left!
The Doc should really get that cleanedComin, ready or not
The End is Nigh for the ElderFlys the limit
Victory for the Churchill costume and IronsideSpray that again ?
Smile please!Ood ave guessed this was The Elder ?
Amy's costume - say no more!It's an Ironside - or as we know it a resprayed Dalek
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