Visit Hyde Fundraisers
Mandrel and Kroll with the Mona Lisa in the background
The half console in the mirrored console room
The magma creature with the head of the bat and Sharaz Jeks mask
Bessie in dock at Llangollen
Drathro menaces visitorsMorbius lookin for a new headSurviving Timelord and Chancellery Guard costumes
Haemavore at LlangollenThe Kandyman with Fifi on watchThe Sixth Doctors Costume
Early Timelord costumeThe small Malus from  'The Awakening'The Third Doctors Jacket
Debbie unviels the new console in 1999
Exhibition Exterior
Michael Jayston visits in November 2001
Castrovalvan Mask and spears
Cybermen & Cyberscope
Nemisis costume
Nyssa's Mask from 'Black Orchid'
Spider & Sutekh Sarcophagus
Melkur and Argolin share the spotlight
Hecate & K-9 from 'K-9 & Company'
The Fourth Doctor costumeThe Fifth Doctor costumeThe Sixth Doctor Costume
A Gundan which tries to attack with his axeThe Magma creature from CAVES OF ANDROZANIThe Special Weapons Dalek
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