Lord Soldeed awaits
The sacrifices on the way from Aneth
Sharaz JekSutekhTimelord or Timelady
the illuminations illuminated
The Dalek set in 1980
The Dalek set in 1980
    The Illuminations display The display comes to life
The Krynoid blooms in 1976
A Draconian on exhibition in 1976
Davros, looking the worse for wear in 1980
Admit you watched Ghostlight - Tharil and Gundan in 1981
Jon Pertwee & Elisabeth Sladen at the opening of the Exhibition
A Sea Devil is cut up for Display
There was a chance to have your instant photo with characters in 1984Mr Sin awaits orders in 1977The Wirrin search for victims in 1975
A Cyberman escapes from the Exhibition
Crowds gather as a Cyberman is unmasked
We are Gundan !
The Silurian orders the Sea Devils to the Exhibition in 1984
The gun cabinet display
Villains in their foil  homes 1978
An Axon on display in 1974Icelord in Blackpool 1975Linx in the first season display at Blackpool 1974
Tractors on show in 1984
Various monsters in 1984
The console room
A Fan Model Display was included in 1975
Bellal and Cyberman welcome you in 1976
A publicity shot for the Exhibition in 1974
A Zygon menaces visitors in 1975Servant of Sutekh in 1976The Nucleus unleashed at the bottom of the stairs in 1978
Kevin Taylor models Scaroth in 1981
The Triceratops shakes its head in Blackpool 1974
Hilton Fitzsimmons outside the Exhibition in 1984
Davros & Daleks in 1984
The console room in 1975
Harlequinn costume from Black Orchid
The High Priestess from Image Of The Fendahl displayed in 1978A Krynoid tempts visitors inside in 1977
Cyberleader in the Console Room
Shop manager Barbara  Dixon in 1985
Bessie outside the Exhibition in 1984
Image Of The Fendahl display from 1978
The Ogrons - please do not touch !!An Axon on display in 1974Enter the TARDIS
K-9 arrives  at the Exhibition in 1978
A Sontaran from 'The Two Doctors in 1984
A krynoid attacks the model house from Seeds Of Doom
The model city used on Pirate Planet
Steve Berry encounters a Dalek in 1984
A Dalek attracts people to the Exhibition in 1984
The Ergon"You need hands.." Alpha Centuri in Blackpool 1977A Marshman on display in 1981
Lion Mask from MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA on show in 1977
Mestor from THE TWIN DILEMMA displayed in 1985
Scaroth arrives in Blackpool to fulfil his mission in 1980
The Movellans join the Blackpool Dalek set in 1980
Android & Stygrron from THE ANDROID INVASION
The Zygon ship
The Hand of Eldrad in one of the display cabinets in 1977
Model of the Krynoid and House minature from 1976
A Tractator
The Cybercontroller from ATTACK OF THE CYBERMENDalek trooper exhibited in 1985The delicate glass Dalek
The Giant rat from Talons of Weng Chiang in 1977
Monsters in the Console room in 1976
Silurian in 1975Ogron on display in 1974A Sea Devil in 1974
Outside the Exhibition in 1975
Cybermat and Drashig puppet on display in 1978
Voc Robot set at the bottom of the stairs in 1977
The Revenge Cyberleader welcomes visitors in 1975
A tableau from UNDERWORLD on show in 1978
Eldrad and Zygon on display in 1977
A great display from Pyramids Of Mars in 1977
Styre and his robot from Blackpool in 1976
Outside the Exhibition in 1982Chris Moore at the last week of Blackpool's opening in 1985Nicola Bryant at Blackpool
Mr Sin and Dragon from 1978
The Ergon ready to pounce in 1983
Cybermen in 1983
Davros on display in 1984
The Garm arrives in Blackpool in 1985
The Malus
Promoting the Exhibition, John Field and friends in 1985
The laser cannon and Gundan from Terminus
A Sea Devil in 1974Also from 1974 Alpha Centuri with Axon spaceship behindT-Rex breaks into the Exhibition in 1974
Colin Baker in Blackpool for Children-In-Need
Sharaz Jek on show in 1985A Sea Devil in 1984A surving Kraal  costume in 1984
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